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Sand Box Day 74
Sand Box seedlings are doing well. Getting fatter as compared to on Day 26. Observed some loss along the way due to overwatering… I literally saw them split from too much water… :( Totally my bad… So now I take care to only water when the sand is completely dry. Realised the Sand Box is starting to look like the Quartz Box due to the small Quartz helping to prop up the seedlings. hehe

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They have changed color from light green to dark green/purplish. (I am assuming that is a good thing)

However they have still not changed leaves yet…


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<Sand Box> Day 26
Used some quartz to support the little seedlings in case they topple over. If they topple over, their tiny little taproot would get pulled out from the media and be unable to absorb water anymore.



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Day 5 and can see some greenies already!


Using the second packet of Lithops seed mix from Cono’s Paradise, I experimented sowing in different media.

<Sand box>
Sowing date: 25th December 2012 (Christmas day!)
Seed source: Lithops seed mix from Cono’s.
Box source: Blueberry packaging from NTUC. The cover was useful to keep moisture in, and there were pre-made holes on the bottom of the box for drainage as well :) However, note that the plastic box is very thin and hence flexible/bendable. Have to be very careful when moving the box because the media will shift when the box shape is changed during lifting, hence hurting the seedlings…
Media: Fine aquarium sand as before in Batch 1. I lined the base with empty teabags (from Daiso) so as to keep the sand from fall out through the holes. It is the woven type teabags, thus considerably durable and wouldn’t disintegrate so easily. It holds the media in, yet allowing excess water to drain out. Actually I do this for ALL my plants, not only Lithops.  I dont like having soil falling out through the pot-holes and leaving patches of soil everywhere…


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<Batch 1>

Sow date: 10th Oct 2012

Source: Lithops seed mix from Cono’s paradise.

Media: Pumice lining the bottom of the pot, then cover with layer of washed fine aquarium sand.

Germination rate: Very good. No numerical value available as the seeds were too tiny to count. But a good amount of tiny seedlings sprouted, so that’s good enough for me :)

Pumice lining the bottom of the pot for better drainage.

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