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Received my new plants from Conos Paradise this afternoon. Although my main order was for other Mesembs, but I decided to add five (1yo) lithops to the order too!

Here you go! :)


I personally love the pattern  on C143A!


C36B : Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. lesliei ‘Storms’s Albinigold’

C95 : Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa “inae”

C143A : Lithops karasmontana ssp. bella

C230C : Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa

C345 : Lithops terricolor

(Photos taken on 4th September 2013)


Remember this pot of lithops that I got from the Amsterdam flower market in April 2013? After I got back from Europe, I left it outside my house and has not watered it since. Finally got around to repotting these babies today. One perished since then and another was on its way out too so I only repotted the remaining 20 lithops.


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It appears my plants like to change only when I am away.

1) My sunflower flowered while I was studying in Germany a few years back. Being an annual plant, it had died by the time I returned. I never got to see the flowers… sigh

2) My Frithia Pulchra bloomed when I was in Europe this year. By the time I got back, i only managed to see the dried up flower…

3) When I was in South Korea last week, my sister texted me that my lithops have splitted! Well, at least this time, I managed to still see the splitting. (It takes a while for the old leaves to dry up.)


<Square pot (outside) Photo taken on 23th August 2013>


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Just reached Paris and finally don’t have to depend on the hotel wifi anymore… (I have a France Orange line with data) So I wanted to show all of you my best buy this trip so far!

This morning I was walking around Amsterdam alone (Linda took the noon flight before me), and my plan was to visit Het Grachtenhuis before I leave for Paris. However I got waylaid by a long string of flower shops somewhere along either Herengracht or Singel. (Asked my hotel reception when I got back for its name, and it’s apparently simply called “the flower market”).

Needless to say, I was in flower heaven again (again, because I was in Keukenhof just yesterday). I went squeezing amongst the locals and tourists, and managed to buy few tulip bulbs and Calla bulbs. When I was choosing them, I felt like I was choosing ginger for cooking in the supermarket, because that is what Calla bulbs look like! Not sure if they will really bloom in Singapore. The shop owners said yes, but they might have underestimated our tropical weather. Oh well, we shall see soon enough. :)

Some shops were selling other variety of plants, including some tropical plants and succulents. I combed the entire flower market and only one shop was selling lithops. And it had only one pot! I held it in my hands and stared intently at it for about five mins before I decided to purchase it. Not because it was expensive (it was incredibly cheap at 2.75 euros for 22 lithops), but because I didn’t know if it would survive the rest of my trip and the flight home. Besides that, my luggage is at bursting point already… But I know I would regret it if I don’t buy, so I decided to adopt this pot as the new addition to my windowsill at home!

I spent the next 3 hours on the train from Amsterdam to Paris admiring and stroking these babies lovingly… The other passengers must think I am crazy. :D


Joined my colleague’s order for some more plants from Conos, but the plants that arrived this time were disappointing… :( Not too sure if it’s due to the time of the year when they look their worst, but the plants this time are really tiny and sad-looking… A few of them even looks deformed. :( Let’s hope they survive!


MP70-4:  Argyroderma delaetii, PV50

L111-4:  Lithops otzeniana (‘Aquamarine’ × ‘Cesky Granat’) (1 yo)

L9-85:  Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri ‘Kikushogyoku’ ex Shimada (1 yo)

C95:  Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa “inae” (1 yo)

C125:  Lithops comptonii v. comptonii (1 yo)

C87:  Lithops hallii v. hallii “salicola reticulata” (1 yo)

C160:  Lithops verruculosa v. glabra (1 yo)


MP950-3:  Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

COP337-17:  Conophytum obcordellum “ursprungianum”, TS603 (2 yo)

Sand Box Day 74
Sand Box seedlings are doing well. Getting fatter as compared to on Day 26. Observed some loss along the way due to overwatering… I literally saw them split from too much water… :( Totally my bad… So now I take care to only water when the sand is completely dry. Realised the Sand Box is starting to look like the Quartz Box due to the small Quartz helping to prop up the seedlings. hehe

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L14-84 Lithops Karasmontana ssp. karasmontana v. Karasmontana (brick-red)

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Lithops fulviceps v. fulviceps ‘Aurea’ C363  has splitted!

Bottom left (C363) has splitted and is now in the midst of absorbing the old leaves. Gonna leave it alone till the old leaves grow paperthin before I start watering again. The one above it (also C363) is starting to split. You can see a little gap in the fissure now. :)


Meanwhile, this pot of originally 16 Lithops are down to 14 now. 2 of them suddenly shriveled up and die-d. Le sigh

You can compare with the original pot here.

They have changed color from light green to dark green/purplish. (I am assuming that is a good thing)

However they have still not changed leaves yet…


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After the health check up for the 3 year olds last week, I gave them a good drenching… and killed the Lithops. (>.<)

<C330> Lithops karasmontana ssp. karasmontana v. lericheana



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