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Can I pronounce myself fluent in Japanese now?

Hehe… ¬†actually to get a feel of the exam paper, I went for the paper in July 2012 and passed it! But decided to go ahead with the December test again anyway as I was taking prep classes at IKOMA and the full course would only end in December.

For this, I have to thank firstly my machine-gun-speaking sensei. One of these days should post a voice recording of her speaking in class… I’ve let my President listen to it before, and he gave me a comical look with raised eyebrows, and told me even for native speakers, she’s speaking really fast.

And also my (Japanese) colleagues in my company and in HQ for forcing me to converse in Jap and churn out reports all in Japanese because they can’t do English. Actually I do appreciate all these years of practice that I got from them. Otherwise my Jap would probably be half a bucket like my Deutsch. *lol*






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