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First time seeing a flower bloom on my baby toes! Actually when I received the plant a few months back, I wasn’t able to find much instructions about its care, so I took things into my own hands and watered as I pleased. I must be doing something right, because it has flowered for me!

Technically, I didn’t SEE it bloom, because it bloomed while I was away in Europe. The photos below were taken by my sister using her handphone camera. If I was around to see it bloom, I would have taken a gazillion pictures! *lol* But it’s ok, I am sure it will bloom again soon. :)

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Just 2 weeks ago, I posted about how my baby toes (Frithia Pulchra) are showing new growth, and recently I have noticed another change… Looks like a flower bud! Very excited but unfortunately I won’t be around to see it flower because I am leaving for Europe in a few hours time. Meanwhile my sis will be baby-sitting my plants for me. Hopefully she will take a few pictures of their progress so I can update again when I get back in May. :)

If I manage to get Wifi and free time, I will try to post some pictures of my travel. Stay tuned! :)

Not quite sure what’s the best way to take care of Frithia Pulchra (Baby toes/Fairy elephant’s feet), but I guess I must be doing something right, as it’s showing new growth! (notice the tiny new leaves in the center?) Each time I water, i notice a new leaf emerging the next day. It’s really adorable! :)


My Tillandsia Ionantha is also “pregnant” with a new pup!


I’ve never felt a fairy elephant’s feet before, but compared with baby toes, I think they feel more like the paw pads of cats. Firm yet really soft and velvety to touch. I cant help myself from giving them a little squeeze every now and then…

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