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The plant seems to be accustomed to our hot humid climate by now. So far it has been blooming nonstop and really well!





The cactus is hidden from view by its large cheerful blooms!

I’ve had this plant (compact hybrid version) since the beginning of September 2013, and it seems to be adapting well to our local hot humid environment. After clearing away the old sulking leaves, I am able to better notice the new growth on the plant, and it has even blossomed!



Considering my collection of plants are mostly EXTREMELY slow-growing succulents (lithops), this Ice plant comes as a really sweet surprise. Every day I am able to see a significant growth in the fat juicy leaves and flower buds! I did read somewhere that if unable to provide the cold of winter to the plant, it will not blossom well. Unfortunately, living smack on the equator means I can’t provide the cold of Winter or even Autumn/Spring for it. It’s 30 degrees Celsius here 365 days of the year… There’s only HOT, HOTTER, or Thunderstorms here… *sigh*  

We’ll see how it goes… But for now, it still seems to be growing really well. :)

First time seeing a flower bloom on my baby toes! Actually when I received the plant a few months back, I wasn’t able to find much instructions about its care, so I took things into my own hands and watered as I pleased. I must be doing something right, because it has flowered for me!

Technically, I didn’t SEE it bloom, because it bloomed while I was away in Europe. The photos below were taken by my sister using her handphone camera. If I was around to see it bloom, I would have taken a gazillion pictures! *lol* But it’s ok, I am sure it will bloom again soon. :)

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Just 2 weeks ago, I posted about how my baby toes (Frithia Pulchra) are showing new growth, and recently I have noticed another change… Looks like a flower bud! Very excited but unfortunately I won’t be around to see it flower because I am leaving for Europe in a few hours time. Meanwhile my sis will be baby-sitting my plants for me. Hopefully she will take a few pictures of their progress so I can update again when I get back in May. :)

If I manage to get Wifi and free time, I will try to post some pictures of my travel. Stay tuned! :)

While hiking in Lantau Island (Hong Kong) one sunny afternoon, we stumbled upon this flower!


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