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Joined my colleague’s order for some more plants from Conos, but the plants that arrived this time were disappointing… :( Not too sure if it’s due to the time of the year when they look their worst, but the plants this time are really tiny and sad-looking… A few of them even looks deformed. :( Let’s hope they survive!


MP70-4:  Argyroderma delaetii, PV50

L111-4:  Lithops otzeniana (‘Aquamarine’ × ‘Cesky Granat’) (1 yo)

L9-85:  Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri ‘Kikushogyoku’ ex Shimada (1 yo)

C95:  Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa “inae” (1 yo)

C125:  Lithops comptonii v. comptonii (1 yo)

C87:  Lithops hallii v. hallii “salicola reticulata” (1 yo)

C160:  Lithops verruculosa v. glabra (1 yo)


MP950-3:  Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

COP337-17:  Conophytum obcordellum “ursprungianum”, TS603 (2 yo)






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