After reading reviews of this succulents garden on Tripadvisor, I made it a point to visit it when I was in the French Rivera. This garden is actually in Eze Village, high up on the mountains and not in Eze town which is down at the base. It was quite hard to get to due to the infrequent bus service in the French Rivera. (Don’t get me started on the transport system in France, that alone would take a few entries! >.<) It is possible to walk up, but I would advise against it unless you are really fit. We walked down the Nietzsche Path to the Mediterranean Sea coast where the Eze-sur-Mer Gare (SNCF train station) is, and it already took us more than an hour! Good hiking shoes and water bottles are strongly advised.

Once you alight the bus from Nice (will explain the bus schedule in Eze Village entry), just keep walking up (5~10mins) and you will find the Jardin (Garden) on top of the mountain. Entrance fee was ~6euros. Good for a 30mins visit as it isn’t very huge, but it does offer an excellent view of Côte d’Azur especially on a clear sunny day.

The Jardin was filled with lotsa cacti and succulents. Maybe due to the high altitude (429m), the plants were able to thrive really well there! *envious* I need to refrigerate my plants in hot humid Singapore. :( As you can see from the photo below, we were almost in the clouds! Needless to say, the air was very fresh and crisp when we went in the morning. :)


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Just got back from Europe and was trying to copy the trip photos from my SD card to the computer, but I found a problem in one of the memory card (8gig Kingston)…


9 days of photos are missing from the card! Instead, I find three huge files (1~3gb) with weird names and file extensions! After I finished panicking, I sat down and started researching for data recovery programs.

So far, ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) seems to work the best. I managed to recover ~90% of the photos in the card. The remaining 10% are recovered but the images are now invalid and unable to view. If anyone knows of any method/programs that may help, please do advise!

With 90% of the photos recovered, I am very satisfied already, but if can achieve 100%, I will be even more grateful! TIA :)

Just reached Paris and finally don’t have to depend on the hotel wifi anymore… (I have a France Orange line with data) So I wanted to show all of you my best buy this trip so far!

This morning I was walking around Amsterdam alone (Linda took the noon flight before me), and my plan was to visit Het Grachtenhuis before I leave for Paris. However I got waylaid by a long string of flower shops somewhere along either Herengracht or Singel. (Asked my hotel reception when I got back for its name, and it’s apparently simply called “the flower market”).

Needless to say, I was in flower heaven again (again, because I was in Keukenhof just yesterday). I went squeezing amongst the locals and tourists, and managed to buy few tulip bulbs and Calla bulbs. When I was choosing them, I felt like I was choosing ginger for cooking in the supermarket, because that is what Calla bulbs look like! Not sure if they will really bloom in Singapore. The shop owners said yes, but they might have underestimated our tropical weather. Oh well, we shall see soon enough. :)

Some shops were selling other variety of plants, including some tropical plants and succulents. I combed the entire flower market and only one shop was selling lithops. And it had only one pot! I held it in my hands and stared intently at it for about five mins before I decided to purchase it. Not because it was expensive (it was incredibly cheap at 2.75 euros for 22 lithops), but because I didn’t know if it would survive the rest of my trip and the flight home. Besides that, my luggage is at bursting point already… But I know I would regret it if I don’t buy, so I decided to adopt this pot as the new addition to my windowsill at home!

I spent the next 3 hours on the train from Amsterdam to Paris admiring and stroking these babies lovingly… The other passengers must think I am crazy. :D



Just 2 weeks ago, I posted about how my baby toes (Frithia Pulchra) are showing new growth, and recently I have noticed another change… Looks like a flower bud! Very excited but unfortunately I won’t be around to see it flower because I am leaving for Europe in a few hours time. Meanwhile my sis will be baby-sitting my plants for me. Hopefully she will take a few pictures of their progress so I can update again when I get back in May. :)

If I manage to get Wifi and free time, I will try to post some pictures of my travel. Stay tuned! :)

Not quite sure what’s the best way to take care of Frithia Pulchra (Baby toes/Fairy elephant’s feet), but I guess I must be doing something right, as it’s showing new growth! (notice the tiny new leaves in the center?) Each time I water, i notice a new leaf emerging the next day. It’s really adorable! :)


My Tillandsia Ionantha is also “pregnant” with a new pup!


Joined my colleague’s order for some more plants from Conos, but the plants that arrived this time were disappointing… :( Not too sure if it’s due to the time of the year when they look their worst, but the plants this time are really tiny and sad-looking… A few of them even looks deformed. :( Let’s hope they survive!


MP70-4:  Argyroderma delaetii, PV50

L111-4:  Lithops otzeniana (‘Aquamarine’ × ‘Cesky Granat’) (1 yo)

L9-85:  Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri ‘Kikushogyoku’ ex Shimada (1 yo)

C95:  Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa “inae” (1 yo)

C125:  Lithops comptonii v. comptonii (1 yo)

C87:  Lithops hallii v. hallii “salicola reticulata” (1 yo)

C160:  Lithops verruculosa v. glabra (1 yo)


MP950-3:  Titanopsis hugo-schlechteri

COP337-17:  Conophytum obcordellum “ursprungianum”, TS603 (2 yo)


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Sand Box Day 74
Sand Box seedlings are doing well. Getting fatter as compared to on Day 26. Observed some loss along the way due to overwatering… I literally saw them split from too much water… :( Totally my bad… So now I take care to only water when the sand is completely dry. Realised the Sand Box is starting to look like the Quartz Box due to the small Quartz helping to prop up the seedlings. hehe

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How men and women see colors


Shit, I think I might be a guy…


L14-84 Lithops Karasmontana ssp. karasmontana v. Karasmontana (brick-red)

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