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Purchased from a fellow forumer Abby during the recent CNY Hortpark bazaar last month. Fell in love with the cool grey-green rosettes! Been giving them the prime sun spot, hoping the plant will not grow leggy and the rosettes remain tight.




The plant seems to be accustomed to our hot humid climate by now. So far it has been blooming nonstop and really well!




The cactus is hidden from view by its large cheerful blooms!

I’ve had this plant (compact hybrid version) since the beginning of September 2013, and it seems to be adapting well to our local hot humid environment. After clearing away the old sulking leaves, I am able to better notice the new growth on the plant, and it has even blossomed!



Considering my collection of plants are mostly EXTREMELY slow-growing succulents (lithops), this Ice plant comes as a really sweet surprise. Every day I am able to see a significant growth in the fat juicy leaves and flower buds! I did read somewhere that if unable to provide the cold of winter to the plant, it will not blossom well. Unfortunately, living smack on the equator means I can’t provide the cold of Winter or even Autumn/Spring for it. It’s 30 degrees Celsius here 365 days of the year… There’s only HOT, HOTTER, or Thunderstorms here… *sigh*  

We’ll see how it goes… But for now, it still seems to be growing really well. :)

Bought this tiny Crassula Radicans from Provence Village, Paju, South Korea. It’s really tiny! The pot diameter is just 4cm. The tips of the obovated leaves is a little reddish. Will be more red if I give it more sun. (Photos taken on 4th September 2013)

IMG_2720 IMG_2723

It’s supposed to flower like this. Really looking forward to it flower someday!


Have owned it since beginning of August, and it’s still holding well, although I have not much idea about its watering habits yet.


Received my new plants from Conos Paradise this afternoon. Although my main order was for other Mesembs, but I decided to add five (1yo) lithops to the order too!

Here you go! :)


I personally love the pattern  on C143A!


C36B : Lithops lesliei ssp. lesliei v. lesliei ‘Storms’s Albinigold’

C95 : Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa “inae”

C143A : Lithops karasmontana ssp. bella

C230C : Lithops verruculosa v. verruculosa

C345 : Lithops terricolor

(Photos taken on 4th September 2013)

Remember this pot of lithops that I got from the Amsterdam flower market in April 2013? After I got back from Europe, I left it outside my house and has not watered it since. Finally got around to repotting these babies today. One perished since then and another was on its way out too so I only repotted the remaining 20 lithops.


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It appears my plants like to change only when I am away.

1) My sunflower flowered while I was studying in Germany a few years back. Being an annual plant, it had died by the time I returned. I never got to see the flowers… sigh

2) My Frithia Pulchra bloomed when I was in Europe this year. By the time I got back, i only managed to see the dried up flower…

3) When I was in South Korea last week, my sister texted me that my lithops have splitted! Well, at least this time, I managed to still see the splitting. (It takes a while for the old leaves to dry up.)


<Square pot (outside) Photo taken on 23th August 2013>


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First time seeing a flower bloom on my baby toes! Actually when I received the plant a few months back, I wasn’t able to find much instructions about its care, so I took things into my own hands and watered as I pleased. I must be doing something right, because it has flowered for me!

Technically, I didn’t SEE it bloom, because it bloomed while I was away in Europe. The photos below were taken by my sister using her handphone camera. If I was around to see it bloom, I would have taken a gazillion pictures! *lol* But it’s ok, I am sure it will bloom again soon. :)

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After reading reviews of this succulents garden on Tripadvisor, I made it a point to visit it when I was in the French Rivera. This garden is actually in Eze Village, high up on the mountains and not in Eze town which is down at the base. It was quite hard to get to due to the infrequent bus service in the French Rivera. (Don’t get me started on the transport system in France, that alone would take a few entries! >.<) It is possible to walk up, but I would advise against it unless you are really fit. We walked down the Nietzsche Path to the Mediterranean Sea coast where the Eze-sur-Mer Gare (SNCF train station) is, and it already took us more than an hour! Good hiking shoes and water bottles are strongly advised.

Once you alight the bus from Nice (will explain the bus schedule in Eze Village entry), just keep walking up (5~10mins) and you will find the Jardin (Garden) on top of the mountain. Entrance fee was ~6euros. Good for a 30mins visit as it isn’t very huge, but it does offer an excellent view of Côte d’Azur especially on a clear sunny day.

The Jardin was filled with lotsa cacti and succulents. Maybe due to the high altitude (429m), the plants were able to thrive really well there! *envious* I need to refrigerate my plants in hot humid Singapore. :( As you can see from the photo below, we were almost in the clouds! Needless to say, the air was very fresh and crisp when we went in the morning. :)


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