Remember this pot of lithops that I got from the Amsterdam flower market in April 2013? After I got back from Europe, I left it outside my house and has not watered it since. Finally got around to repotting these babies today. One perished since then and another was on its way out too so I only repotted the remaining 20 lithops.


Work in progress… Have to carefully pry the plants apart to prevent unnecessary damage to the fine roots.

This is how a two-headed lithops look like. :)


I removed the old leaves which were clinging on like dried skin and also trimmed the roots down to about 2~3cm for repotting. Total count: 18 single-head lithops, 2 two-headed lithops.


Repotting results >>

(Pot 1)


(Pot 2)


(Pot 3)


Seeing the conditions outside my house seems to be the best, I will be putting them outside the house along with the square pot. To prevent rain from entering, I recycled the blue-berry fruit packaging into caps for these pots. There are premade holes on the packaging and at the sides, which will allow ventilation into the pot. Good idea, no? :)

new growth