So, I was watching episode 9 (2013.05.31) of “We Got Married Global” (Korean Variety show), and in this episode, Taecyeon (2PM) and GuiGui visited Jeju for their wedding and honeymoon. On the 2nd day, they visited Hanhwa Aqua Planet Jeju and the show labelled it as “The biggest aquarium in Asia”. And quoting Taecyeon, he said it is “the biggest aquarium screen in Asia”.


Which got me a little surprised. Because I remember distinctively our very own S.E.A Aquarium being promoted as “World‘s Largest Aquarium” during its opening in end 2012. (Click on the link and it states so in Wikipedia. And if you think Wikipedia’s information may sometimes be wrong, check out Guiness World Records! We hold the Guiness records for both World’s Largest Aquarium and World’s Largest Acrylic Panel.)

The acrylic single viewing panel of Jeju’s aquarium is 73 feet long (23 m) and 26 feet tall (8 m), while Singapore’s is 36-metre (118 ft) wide and 8.3-metre (27 ft) tall. This makes Singapore’s viewing panel significantly longer by 13m. Be it “Aquarium” or “Screen/Panel”, I think SG still wins right? And last time I checked, Singapore belongs to part of Asia, so how could the show (WGM) mislead the audience by calling Aqua Planet Jeju the biggest aquarium in Asia?? Or are we (Singapore) so tiny again, that no one noticed us? :(


I visited S.E.A Aquarium in December 2012, and the above picture was taken then. It was my favorite part of the entire Aquarium! You might think so what if the panel is huge? But when I walked really close to the panel and with my nose almost touching the glass, it really felt as if I was underwater! My peripheral vision was filled entirely with schools of fish, manta rays and corals. And the best part is, there are big comfy beanbags scattered all over the floor for people to sit/rest on. We spent a relaxing hour lying there, listening to the soothing background music and watching fishes swim by. :)

*Sometimes when I think about it, really have to 佩服 our government… For a country as tiny as us (in terms of size), we actually hold the Guiness World Records for quite a few things. :)