After reading reviews of this succulents garden on Tripadvisor, I made it a point to visit it when I was in the French Rivera. This garden is actually in Eze Village, high up on the mountains and not in Eze town which is down at the base. It was quite hard to get to due to the infrequent bus service in the French Rivera. (Don’t get me started on the transport system in France, that alone would take a few entries! >.<) It is possible to walk up, but I would advise against it unless you are really fit. We walked down the Nietzsche Path to the Mediterranean Sea coast where the Eze-sur-Mer Gare (SNCF train station) is, and it already took us more than an hour! Good hiking shoes and water bottles are strongly advised.

Once you alight the bus from Nice (will explain the bus schedule in Eze Village entry), just keep walking up (5~10mins) and you will find the Jardin (Garden) on top of the mountain. Entrance fee was ~6euros. Good for a 30mins visit as it isn’t very huge, but it does offer an excellent view of Côte d’Azur especially on a clear sunny day.

The Jardin was filled with lotsa cacti and succulents. Maybe due to the high altitude (429m), the plants were able to thrive really well there! *envious* I need to refrigerate my plants in hot humid Singapore. :( As you can see from the photo below, we were almost in the clouds! Needless to say, the air was very fresh and crisp when we went in the morning. :)



The Cacti & Succulent garden!


Eze1 Eze2


This plant was huge! Almost as tall as me!


And some more spiky plants!


Enlarge the picture below to look at the long spines! (They look like flowers from afar, but they are actually long, hard, white spines.)


This one below is secretly one of my favorites  It appears dead, but it is still very much alive and the spikes are dangerous! (Does anyone knows its name? Unfortunately, the plants there do not have identifier plates…)


Found the same green plant that I spotted thriving in the garden just outside Gaudi’s house in Guell Park, Barcelona! Not sure what is its name, but I find it really cute and nice to touch. :)




This phrase was taken from the Isabeau statue by Jean-Philippe Richard. There were a couple of his works around the garden and all were really lovely! He managed to make the lady statues look like there is a gentle breeze blowing around them. :)