First time seeing a flower bloom on my baby toes! Actually when I received the plant a few months back, I wasn’t able to find much instructions about its care, so I took things into my own hands and watered as I pleased. I must be doing something right, because it has flowered for me!

Technically, I didn’t SEE it bloom, because it bloomed while I was away in Europe. The photos below were taken by my sister using her handphone camera. If I was around to see it bloom, I would have taken a gazillion pictures! *lol* But it’s ok, I am sure it will bloom again soon. :)


It bloomed for a few days and closes up at night. This is the flower at night.

Sis finally managed to see the flower during the daytime over the weekend and took these photos for me. Probably wasn’t the peak of the bloom by then, but it is still really pretty right? :)