Just reached Paris and finally don’t have to depend on the hotel wifi anymore… (I have a France Orange line with data) So I wanted to show all of you my best buy this trip so far!

This morning I was walking around Amsterdam alone (Linda took the noon flight before me), and my plan was to visit Het Grachtenhuis before I leave for Paris. However I got waylaid by a long string of flower shops somewhere along either Herengracht or Singel. (Asked my hotel reception when I got back for its name, and it’s apparently simply called “the flower market”).

Needless to say, I was in flower heaven again (again, because I was in Keukenhof just yesterday). I went squeezing amongst the locals and tourists, and managed to buy few tulip bulbs and Calla bulbs. When I was choosing them, I felt like I was choosing ginger for cooking in the supermarket, because that is what Calla bulbs look like! Not sure if they will really bloom in Singapore. The shop owners said yes, but they might have underestimated our tropical weather. Oh well, we shall see soon enough. :)

Some shops were selling other variety of plants, including some tropical plants and succulents. I combed the entire flower market and only one shop was selling lithops. And it had only one pot! I held it in my hands and stared intently at it for about five mins before I decided to purchase it. Not because it was expensive (it was incredibly cheap at 2.75 euros for 22 lithops), but because I didn’t know if it would survive the rest of my trip and the flight home. Besides that, my luggage is at bursting point already… But I know I would regret it if I don’t buy, so I decided to adopt this pot as the new addition to my windowsill at home!

I spent the next 3 hours on the train from Amsterdam to Paris admiring and stroking these babies lovingly… The other passengers must think I am crazy. :D