I stumbled upon a quirky little shop in Bras Basah selling all kinds of interesting knick-knacks. The resident cat was very playful and cute as well. :)

In a corner near the entrance, I found this succulent and couldn’t resist buying it. I remember asking the salesgirl for the name of the plant. But her reply was “it’s a type of cactus” Hahah…erh… And she told me to mist it once a month. ONCE A MONTH?? Wow, is this some sibling of the Lithops? (@.@)



After googling for over an hour, I suspect that it is a Caralluma hesperidum. In any case you did not know, Caralluma is a genus of flowering plants with very stinky flowers. The smell of the blooming flower has been likened as that of rotting flesh. (I did not know that when I bought it… @.@) When I told my sis about it, she asked me if there is any way to keep it from blooming! lol I figured if it really stinks too much, I can just pluck off the flower. Problem solved! :)