Brought Tanny to Gardens by the Bay as she’s back from USA for a short visit. I think I was more excited than her about going to the Gardens! hehe

I got real excited when I entered the Flower Dome and noticed the plants there are mostly desert plants/succulents. Immediately went running and looking for Lithops like a kid in Disneyland. :p

Tadah! 给我找到了!


The arrangement was very nicely done up with colored rocks and pebbles. Can you tell the Lithops (aka living stones) from the real stones apart?

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1138 IMG_1140

Unfortunately, the Lithops were behind a sheet of protective glass, so I couldn’t take photos of them up-close. These photos were taken by me reaching my long hands over the glass. hehe

A surprising thing I noticed about Gardens by the Bay is that there are no rangers around to remind people to keep off the grass or to stop poking/plucking/squishing the plants & flowers! Really! So everyone (including us) were climbing on stone chairs/wooden benches/steps just to get a closer & better photo of the plants. (@.@) It is amazing that the plants in the Gardens are still so well-kept even after daily brutal handling by the visitors…

I did however notice signs saying “NO THROWING OF GRAVEL”.


The Lithops were probably the only ones protected behind the glass sheet. Which I think is a very wise choice, because the fat juicy succulents do look like they’re screaming “squeezzee me!”. (I secretly do enjoy giving my little Lithops a gentle squeeze now and then though. Just to check they’re firm and not mushy from overwatering. :))

*Entry date is backdated.