My package from Cono’s Paradise is here! :)

This is my first time buying plants from overseas (in this case Germany), so I was quite worried my package would get confiscated by AVA… Luckily, it reached me safe and sound!

I ordered about 20+ small Lithops and 2 packets of Lithops seed mix. And it came in a slim hard box with the plants individually wrapped in white serviette than again in blue serviette. The Lithops were sent without medium, so you can actually pack a good number of plants into the slim box. There is no need to worry that the plant would die from lack of water during shipment as Lithops are known to survive months and even years without water. All the Lithops I ordered were received in great condition, and Herr Beyer (the owner) replied my emails very efficiently too. The ordering process was quick and painless. And unlike most other online shops, NO payment is required until you have received the package safely. Actually this is the first time I have ordered stuff from a seller who doesn’t require payment upfront… Highly recommended by me! :)

The below is a 3 year old Lithops bromfieldii v. insularis ‘Sulphurea’. Lithops C362


<How the plants were packed>

IMG_9943 IMG_9945

*Entry date is backdated.

**I apologize if i sound like I am doing advertisement for Cono’s paradise. lol But good things are meant to be shared! :)